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Piano Movers Toronto - piano movers Toronto
Thank you so much for coming for tuning piano and repair piano...after moving it from ottawa to toronto.As a piano teacher,I have seen countless piano movers in toronto area so far.You guys were among the best piano mover I have ever seen

I was actually worried that it might be impossible to get the original sound back, but you made it happen. Thank you.
Your piano moving and piano tuning package
saved a lot of time and money
Also your piano movers were definitly
experienced experts
Please send my regard to them

God bless!


Thank you James for moving and tuning the piano and giving us useful advice on how to maintain our piano! You did a great job! We really appreciated your professionalism and friendliness! you guys are best in many piano movers in toronto We will definitely call you back! By the way, your website is awesome!
Nice Job!

"Shane Lee:

You are so awesome.....
My piano feels like it is NEW again after you fixed it. I am very thankful for your kindness! You are really nice person. I hope your piano moving business in GTA going well.

See u soon.



I live in Toronto and I just bought a grand piano from a private individual in Burlington,ON. and I hired James of Piano Inside to move it for me. In the few days before the move, I spoke with different movers and found James very honest, very professional and always willing to answer my questions (I had called him several times for insights even before he knew I would retain his services). Most importantly, I compared moving charges with different movers and found that the rate offered by James was very very competitive. He will not charge more just because the move is a little more challenging. He is honest and sticks to his quotes. He offered large companies services but at a fraction of their charges. He is punctual and willing to work according to my schedules too. You probably will not get better services and prices from anywhere else & James is willing to go out of town for you to move. Three people helped with the move and the piano arrived safely and sound! Also, he will ..."

I believe I am the first person to hire James to move a very heavy 1949 Hammond organ from a household basement. Three guys (including James) came to move it, and I have to compliment them on their skill and their great attitude! They communicated very well with me, as we worked out how they would move this instrument (which is not their standard work). And they moved it with great care and attention Also, they were very punctual, and James was always quick to answer his phone, when we communicated in the days before the move. So, while they may lack the fancy website, the 1-800 number, and the overall big established company "clout", I believe they make up for it in good personal service and attention to their clients. Their rates were also very fair and competitive. And in the end, the organ arrived completely unharmed. ...


around 3 weeks ago i needed help to move a piano i bought from craigslist so I did some research and decided to have James to help mainly because of his fair pricing (unlike furniture movers without the right equipment quoted sth that is far from what a student can afford ) in spite of ME being 15 min. late (i was supposed to meet James n the girl selling me the piano at the girls place but i mistakenly assumed that Jame's gon be late from my other moving experience =S ), on arrival I saw James and assistant already moving the delicately covered piano with their professional equipments (those fancy wheels and the "runner" ? ) out of the house. thats not it yet, the highlight of the move was them loading the piano onto the truck. it's like magic that they were doing, i 'd describe it as "when technology meets brilliance". the whole move was kinda rocky, a lil challenging since I live on the ground floor and i chose to have my piano gettin in from the back ...


I was really impressed with the service level of these 2 guys. First of all, after a few calls and some outrageous quotation, I got the best price with J. He was available the same day and committed to the time. When they got to my house, they encounter a big issue; but they did not hesitate to tackle it swiftly. No scratch, no bumps...zero headache!!! I am very grateful and would definitely recommend them. Well, see you guys for my tune-up:).


Thanks for your Piano Moving services you provided yesterday. You and your assistant movers were efficient and very capable at completing this move for us. Nice to do business with a company like yours. Thank you also for going out of your way to accommodate my special requests. Will also call you when it comes time to tune our piano. Sincerely, James D Yonge and Lawrence


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325 Bogert Ave, Northyork, Toronto, M2N1L8
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Myth Busters

"This piano is an upright grand"

Translation: This is a big upright.

Reality: Many people apply the term "upright grand" to many old uprights, implying "fine-quality" or "having a large tone."

The term, which actually originated as a sales gimmick with manufacturers who used the name "Upright Grand" on the fallboard, might accurately describe a very old vertical with a large curve built into the top, so the cabinet looks like a grand standing on end.

But in no instance does it mean an upright has a grand piano action.

"This piano has a brass harp" or a "bell metal barp"

Translation: The plate has gold paint on it.

Reality: The terms "brass harp," "brass plate" and "brass frame" are incorrect; piano plates are made of cast iron, with the rare exception of a few made of cast aluminum. Even in a piano with the wording "bell metal" cast into the plate, the plate is made of cast iron.

"This piano bas a solid brass sound-board"

Reality: The plate has gold paint on it. Soundboards are made of wood, and plates are made of cast iron.

"This piano is worth a lot because it has ivory keys"

Reality: A keyboard with perfect ivories, or only a few chips, is a desirable thing to have on an old piano, but an ivory keyboard with chips from one end to the other doesn't enhance the value of a piano, and a poorquality piano with good ivorie keys is still just a Poorquality Piano.

"This piano is very fine, because it is very old"

Reality: An older piano isn't necessarily better than a new one, although most people believe this because some older pianos are better than some new ones.

"This piano never needs tuning"

Translation: "I can't tell if a piano is in tune or not."

Reality: Despite what anyone thinks, when humidity goes up and down, it makes the soundboard expand and coiltract, throwing the piano out of tune.

"An upright Player Piano is inferior to a regular piano for band playing, because the weight of the player mechanism makes the action stiff"

Reality: The player mechanism is separate from the piano action and has no effect on the touch.

"My piano tuner said this piano has a cracked soundboard, so it can't be tuned"

Translation: The tuner said the piano has a cracked pinblock, so it can't be tuned.

"This piano bas a solid oak cabinet"

Translation: "I've heard antique dealers say that old round oak tables and other furniture are made of solid oak, so this piano must be made of solid oak too."

Reality: Crossbanded and veneered wood is much more resistant to warping and cracking than solid wood, and is much better for piano cabinets.

Most old pianos - even most inexpensive old pianos - have crossbanding and veneer on the sides and other large panels.


Many old pianos are in somewhat poor condition contrasted to many newer ones,and a fine-quality smaller piano was better when new than a larger inexpensive one was, so you must weigh the size, quality, age,and condition against each other very carefully.

After a fine restoration, a larger good-quality older piano will always sound better than a smaller good-quality newer one, but don't assume that your first repair attempts will bring an old pialno back to brand new condition.

When searching for a used piano, the more you know about what you're buying,the happier you'll be when you finally purchase one.

Learn as much as possible about pianos by reading and by visiting with others who share your interest.

Don't buy on impulse, don't underestimate the amount of time and money
it takes to perform good-quality major repairs.