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Piano Movers Toronto - piano movers Toronto
Thank you so much for coming for tuning piano and repair piano...after moving it from ottawa to toronto.As a piano teacher,I have seen countless piano movers in toronto area so far.You guys were among the best piano mover I have ever seen

I was actually worried that it might be impossible to get the original sound back, but you made it happen. Thank you.
Your piano moving and piano tuning package
saved a lot of time and money
Also your piano movers were definitly
experienced experts
Please send my regard to them

God bless!


Thank you James for moving and tuning the piano and giving us useful advice on how to maintain our piano! You did a great job! We really appreciated your professionalism and friendliness! you guys are best in many piano movers in toronto We will definitely call you back! By the way, your website is awesome!
Nice Job!

"Shane Lee:

You are so awesome.....
My piano feels like it is NEW again after you fixed it. I am very thankful for your kindness! You are really nice person. I hope your piano moving business in GTA going well.

See u soon.



I live in Toronto and I just bought a grand piano from a private individual in Burlington,ON. and I hired James of Piano Inside to move it for me. In the few days before the move, I spoke with different movers and found James very honest, very professional and always willing to answer my questions (I had called him several times for insights even before he knew I would retain his services). Most importantly, I compared moving charges with different movers and found that the rate offered by James was very very competitive. He will not charge more just because the move is a little more challenging. He is honest and sticks to his quotes. He offered large companies services but at a fraction of their charges. He is punctual and willing to work according to my schedules too. You probably will not get better services and prices from anywhere else & James is willing to go out of town for you to move. Three people helped with the move and the piano arrived safely and sound! Also, he will ..."

I believe I am the first person to hire James to move a very heavy 1949 Hammond organ from a household basement. Three guys (including James) came to move it, and I have to compliment them on their skill and their great attitude! They communicated very well with me, as we worked out how they would move this instrument (which is not their standard work). And they moved it with great care and attention Also, they were very punctual, and James was always quick to answer his phone, when we communicated in the days before the move. So, while they may lack the fancy website, the 1-800 number, and the overall big established company "clout", I believe they make up for it in good personal service and attention to their clients. Their rates were also very fair and competitive. And in the end, the organ arrived completely unharmed. ...


around 3 weeks ago i needed help to move a piano i bought from craigslist so I did some research and decided to have James to help mainly because of his fair pricing (unlike furniture movers without the right equipment quoted sth that is far from what a student can afford ) in spite of ME being 15 min. late (i was supposed to meet James n the girl selling me the piano at the girls place but i mistakenly assumed that Jame's gon be late from my other moving experience =S ), on arrival I saw James and assistant already moving the delicately covered piano with their professional equipments (those fancy wheels and the "runner" ? ) out of the house. thats not it yet, the highlight of the move was them loading the piano onto the truck. it's like magic that they were doing, i 'd describe it as "when technology meets brilliance". the whole move was kinda rocky, a lil challenging since I live on the ground floor and i chose to have my piano gettin in from the back ...


I was really impressed with the service level of these 2 guys. First of all, after a few calls and some outrageous quotation, I got the best price with J. He was available the same day and committed to the time. When they got to my house, they encounter a big issue; but they did not hesitate to tackle it swiftly. No scratch, no bumps...zero headache!!! I am very grateful and would definitely recommend them. Well, see you guys for my tune-up:).


Thanks for your Piano Moving services you provided yesterday. You and your assistant movers were efficient and very capable at completing this move for us. Nice to do business with a company like yours. Thank you also for going out of your way to accommodate my special requests. Will also call you when it comes time to tune our piano. Sincerely, James D Yonge and Lawrence


Pianoinside contact information:
325 Bogert Ave, Northyork, Toronto, M2N1L8
Index Welcome to Pianoinside.com
Piano tuning, repairing and appraisal

Our Services we offer, on this page:
Upright Piano Tuning $180
Grand Piano Tuning $200
Piano repairing $180/H + Parts
Appraisal Insurance Letter $180
Appraisal Piano Pricing and Information
(Verbal) $140

    $180 for Upright Piano Tuning

    $200 for Grand Piano Tuning

    Pitch raise ia required in case of the pitch of middle "A" is 30 cent lower than the pitch (440 Hz) and the client need fine tuning stability.

    At the same time we will inspect your piano thoroughly. If there is any bad influence from the enviorment found, we will let you know so that your pianos life will lengthen, without any charge. Once you call us then you will not only be suprised by our kind services and fine tuning, but also sharp intuition about your piano


    For your understanding

    We prepared basic information about piano tuning.

Where do i place my piano?

    Your piano may be placed against any wall in a well insulated home, except in direct line swith sunlight, a heating and / or air conditioning vent. The best location is usually an inside wall. If possible, and for best performance, try to keep the room temperature between 22~25 Celsius with a related humidity factor of 40 to 50 percent. As stated in the warranty condition, excessive dryness and extreme humidity are both harmful to the piano.
    Excessive dryness reduces the moisture content of the soundboard and cabinet components, and can weaken the glue joints of the pinblock.This could lead to costly repairs, in any brand of piano. Dampness can cause rust to form on the strings, swelling to the soundboard and action parts, which then causes sluggish and/or sticking keys. No piano is immune to variations in atmospheric conditions, until now.

How do i move my piano?

    When moving a vertical piano, always be sure to lift the piano off the front casters and roll the piano on the rear casters.

    When moving a grand piano, the piano should be lifted and carried, rather than rolling the piano.

    By rolling, a leg could snap off and the piano would probably fall to the floor.

    It is always better to hire a qualified and bonded piano mover to insure a safe move. An inexperienced piano mover, with the wrong equipment, could cause serious damage to the piano.

What is tuning?

    Tuning is the adjustment made to the tuning pins by the piano tuner to bring each string to its proper tension. There are approximately 230 separate strings on the piano, each with a total of Between 160 and 200 pounds of tension.
    The standard international pitch is 440 cycles, or vibrations, per second; that is, the pitch that sounds when the A above middle C is struck. If the piano is allowed to go 1/2 step below pitch, it can mean a difference of 3,000 to 5,000pounds of tension on the strings and sound-board. When a tuner tells you your piano needs a pitch raise, he means the tension needs to be increased so he can bring the sound back to standard pitch.

How does a piano go out of tune?

    Constants changes in the atmosphere will affect your piano. The wood in the soundboard, pin block and bridges continually change, swelling when it is humid, shrinking when it is dry.

    This phenomenon, combined with the tension pulling the piano together, causes the strings to stretch and contract .Some strings stretch at a different rate than others. This is how your piano Goes out of tune.

How often should the piano be tuned?

    All pianos go out of tune, whether played or not, because of expansion and contraction due to atmospheric changes. New pianos should be tuned three to four times the first year. Thereafter, twice a year, usually six weeks after weather changes. The best answer is as often as the user feels it necessary. Pianos used in concerts, recording studios, television and radio are tuned before each performance.

If not used for months, should I have the piano tuned anyway?

    Yes If you want your piano to have a long and useful life, it must be kept in tune even when not in use. The 20 plus tons of tension on the strings when it was lay out, is held under proper control when the piano is in tune.

Does tuning affects a piano's tone?

    Tuning sets the correct pitch of each note. It is impossible for tuning to ever affect the tone of a piano. The tone of a piano can only be changed by voicing the piano hammers.

What is voicing?

    After considerable use, the hammer felts become hard and the strings cut grooves in the front surface of the hammers. With average home use, the hammers may need revoicing every two or three years. Voicing should only be done by a highly skilled technician.

We charge $80 per hour for your piano repairing

Our repairing service varies on replacing, fixing broken parts, regulating, sticky key problems, key weight adjustment, and all other malfuction on your piano.

What is Touch?

    Touch is the energy required to depress a piano key until it cause the hammer to strike the string. A pianist usually refers to touch as the ease and responsiveness with which a piano can be played.

What is Regulation?

    There are about 11,000 parts in the piano case and action. Over 4,000 of these are moving parts, each working in conjunction with other parts to produce the sound of the piano.

    At your regular tuning, your tuner/technician can check to see if the action regulation is in perfect order.

How often should the action be regulated?

    About every 5 years, depending on how much the piano is regulated, you should have the action completely regulated.

    The condition under which your piano is played usually governs how often the action should be regulated.

    If you permit your tuner/technician to make any minor adjustments necessary at each tuning, you will avoid any possible expensive adjustments which may become necessary at some time in the future.

    Regular piano service safeguards any possible damage by mice and/or months. Regular service insures the playing ability of your piano protects your investment and guarantees a higher resale value.


Will regular maintenance save me money?

    Absolutely! Your piano will always be in perfect condition. You will prolong its life. It will have a higher resale value should you ever wish to sell or trade it in on another piano.


Appraisal: Piano Pricing and Information Service  $60

If you are buying, selling, considering repairs on or insuring a specific piano, then this service will put you in touch with an expert who will give you the answers you need.  We can also give you age and manufacturer info.  We have information on over 11,000 brand names.
Also giving you written reports that you can use for purposes of selling, for insurance, for legal issues, etc.  This service can be ordered alone or with a Technician's Inspection Report.

Appraisal: Insurance Letter $100

If you are planning on insuring your piano, or you are making a claim for insurance.

This service gives you a letter for your insurance company that establishes replacement value and educates the insurance company on the issues establishing that value in a way they can understand and use.

It also can address issues related to damage that has been done to a piano and recommended remedies to that damage and how much the insurance company should pay you.